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Transforms the items of the list with the transducer and appends the

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Use utils/into in your project
npm i @bit/bit.ramda.utils.into

into (acc:*, xf:Function, list:Array) : *

Transforms the items of the list with the transducer and appends the transformed items to the accumulator using an appropriate iterator function based on the accumulator type.

The accumulator can be an array, string, object or a transformer. Iterated items will be appended to arrays and concatenated to strings. Objects will be merged directly or 2-item arrays will be merged as key, value pairs.

The accumulator can also be a transformer object that provides a 2-arity reducing iterator function, step, 0-arity initial value function, init, and 1-arity result extraction function result. The step function is used as the iterator function in reduce. The result function is used to convert the final accumulator into the return type and in most cases is R.identity. The init function is used to provide the initial accumulator.

The iteration is performed with R.reduce after initializing the transducer.


var numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4];
     var transducer = R.compose(, R.take(2));

     R.into([], transducer, numbers); //=> [2, 3]

     var intoArray = R.into([]);
     intoArray(transducer, numbers); //=> [2, 3]


acc: *

The initial accumulator value.

xf: Function

The transducer function. Receives a transformer and returns a transformer.

list: Array

The list to iterate over.



The final, accumulated value.