Components are building blocks.
You are the architect.
Imagine all your components organized on the cloud, made discoverable for your team and synced in all your projects. That’s Bit.
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Bit creates a faster workflow for sharing, discovering and using components and modules in different projects. Easily “publish” components from any project without refactoring, install in other projects, develop and change from any repo and collaborate with your team.
Develop and sync from any repository
Bit creates a faster, distributed workflow for developing components from different repositories. Using Bit you can import components into any repository for further development, even if they're installed with NPM. Changes can then be synced across projects with smart updates and cross-repo component change merges.
More than UI components
Bit works with any type of reusable Javascript functionality, from UI components to Node.js modules and plain Javascript. Bit helps your team scale code reuse through faster "publish" without refactoring, universal discoverability and collaborative development workflow.
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