Components are building blocks.
You are the architect.
Imagine all your components organized on the cloud, made discoverable for your team and synced in all your projects. That’s Bit.
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Share code without overhead
Bit makes code sharing a simple matter of seconds which is accessible for everyone. Easily share code components directly from your project’s source code, without changing it, so you and your team can then use your components in other projects with your favorite tools like NPM and Yarn.
Make changes and update from any repository
Bit was designed for providing the advantages of copy-pasting while keeping everything tracked and managed. Every component’s source code can be imported into different projects with Bit for further development, and easily synced to update changes across your projects.
Control components
across your codebase
Bit provides clear visibility into your codebase and control over your components. Learn exactly which components are being used by who and in which projects, control your dependency graph across your codebase and update changes to multiple components in multiple projects.
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